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What is a Buyer's Number?

If you are interested in getting some of the deals on The Bargain Channel®, you will first need to acquire a Buyer's Number. A Buyer's Number provides you with identification for placing an order, or a bid, on-air without releasing personal information.

How do I get a Buyer's Number?

Call (904) 259-2292, (904) 358-2265 (toll free for Jacksonville), or *921 (free for AT&T Wireless customers only in the Jacksonville, FL area) and speak to the representative that answers. They will ask you for your name, address, phone number, and possibly other information. This process is free, and you will be assigned a number followed by a letter that signifies your pickup location (M - Macclenny, J - Jacksonville, S - Southside). Ex. - 00000M

What does WJXR Inc. do with my personal information?

WJXR Inc. does not release personal information to other entities for distribution. Please read the privacy policy to answer any further questions.

I'm an advertiser with the station, can I still get a Buyer's Number?

Yes, you too can receive a Buyer's Number! Be sure to inform the representative when you call that you are an advertiser. A "C", for client, will follow your number (Ex. - 00000JC). You will have three days to pickup your order.

I have a Buyer's Number, how do I order something?

You will need to keep your Buyer's Number nearby or commit it to memory. This will be asked for every time you place a bid or place an order. To place an order, you will need to call (904) 259-2292, (904) 358-2265, or *921. Once you are on-air, tell the announcer what item you are interested in, what price your bid is (if item is not an outright item), and then your Buyer's Number.

What kinds of products does WJXR have?

WJXR's sponsors offer everything from household appliances to landscaping certificates, vacation packages, massage certificates, jewelry, tickets to local events, dolls, collectibles, auto body certificates, hair care products and certificates, restaurant certificates, and so much more!

How long do I have to pick my order up?

You have until the end of the next day to pick up your order, unless you are a V.I.P. member.

Where do I pick my order up at?

The location that you signed up with is where you are to pick your order up at. The location is signified at the end of your Buyer's Number by an "M", "J", or "S". The locations are Macclenny, Jacksonville, and Southside. Addresses, phone numbers, and maps for each location can be found here. Once you obtain the certificate or voucher from the station, you would then redeem it at the sponsor's location.

What happens if I don't pick up my order?

If you forget to pick up or cancel your orders placed on the air, a restocking fee of 20% may be applied to your Buyer's Number. You will have to pay this fee before you will be allowed to place orders or pick up items again.

What is WJXR's return policy?

ALL SALES FINAL. Exchanges may occur in certain circumstances with receipt only.

What forms of payment does WJXR accept?

WJXR accepts cash, checks (with valid State issued identification, such as a Driver License), and the following types of credit or debit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

What is a V.I.P. Membership?

A V.I.P. Membership allows you to pickup your items within three days of placing the order.

How do I get a V.I.P. Membership?

V.I.P. Memberships are given out at remotes by the representatives of WJXR Inc., not the sponsors. The V.I.P. Membership is good for one year. After you fill out the V.I.P. form and turn it in, you will now be required to add a "V" to the end of your number, when referring to it on-air for orders, in order to have three days to pick up your order (Ex. - 00000SV).

What is a remote?

Remote is short for "remote broadcast." A remote is done at a sponsor's place of business and presents the listeners with a chance to shop, meet the announcers, and win great prizes.

When is the next remote?

Remotes vary week to week, so tune in daily to 92.1 FM to hear when the next ones are, or feel free to just call up and ask!

I've lost my Buyer's Number! What do I do?

Call in and ask for your number to be looked up during regular office hours, Macclenny only, or apply for a new one.


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