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In 1985, there was a small radio station in Macclenny, Florida, that played country music and church programs. Sarah and Greg Perich approached the owner and bought the station on the same day they had inquired about it. This required a move for the Perichs, who were originally from Pennsylvania.

As the first order of business, the call letters, WBKF, were changed to WJXR (Jacksonville Radio). Next, the format was switched to fit the locale. Macclenny was a seemingly rural town at the time, therefore, the country music format was kept. The catch phrase, "Shark Country", was used and a logo was drawn up. The Perichs kept church programming on Sundays and had their own morning show.

To be of a local service, The Bargain Channel® Program was started as a once-a-week program. A Buyer's Number system was incorporated to keep track of items and listeners. As more listeners tuned in, the program hours increased. The Bargain Channel® became a 5-day program that started at 8 a.m. and ended at 9 p.m. Country music would still air overnight.

The growth of the radio station meant big changes for the Perichs, who were accustomed to having to take care of four or more jobs each. Listeners were quite often greeted and waited on by one of the owners in the office. The staff was increased and the building was soon outgrown. A move was in order. The location on West Macclenny Avenue was found; and Greg Perich, his daughter, and an employee began work on creating what is now the studio.

The expansion of WJXR took place over the years by word of mouth, good business practices, and community involvement. WJXR has since expanded into other offices of the same West Macclenny Avenue location, maintained a Westside Jacksonville office, and has brought convenience to listeners by branching out with a Southside Jacksonville office. The transmitter was switched, in 1993, from 6,000 watts to 25,000 watts to provide more listeners with savings.

WJXR 92.1 FM soon became a household name in Macclenny and surrounding Jacksonville. With notoriety came growth into sports and news. WJXR became an affiliate of ABC Radio Networks and FRN, hosted Florida Gator football, the local Baker County sports, Jacksonville Suns, Trinity Christian Academy football, the Jacksonville Jaguars, and the Jacksonville Tomcats.

The Bargain Channel® now airs 7 days a week from 6 a.m. to midnight. The staff includes more than 25 people, far from the two who first assumed all titles. All offices are open 7 days a week, though times vary.

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