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    WJXR Inc., referred to solely as "WJXR" throughout the rest of this policy to encompass WJXR Inc. and WJXR.com, strives to protect the privacy of customers wherever possible. Any information obtained from this website will not be disclosed to third parties without your explicit consent.

Collected Information

    Certain information is received by every web server whenever you visit any Internet site. This information is automatically sent by your web browser and is usually used to aid in delivering content to you that is most compliant with your browser software. Some information received and stored would be your IP address, OS name and version, browser name and version, url requested, and time of day. WJXR, like many web sites, logs this information to keep track of statistical information to determine how to best design this site for you. WJXR will not release such logs to anyone unless it is deemed necessary by WJXR or required by some legal means.
    WJXR's web site currently collects some personally identifiable information, such as names, addresses (including city, state, and ZIP code), phone numbers, email, etc. This information will be used to perform one or more of the following: issue a buyer number, allow WJXR to contact you for account issues such as billing or shipping, increase security and prevent fraudulent purchases by "verifying" the information given to WJXR by you.  All such information given to WJXR by way of our Swap ShopSM, either online or via radio, will be made public for a limited amount of time. Otherwise, every effort will be made to provide the highest level of security possible for the information you give WJXR.


   WJXR's polling mechanism, in an effort to reduce multiple votes, whether accidental or malicious, stores some user information inside a specialized database. This information will be used solely to determine whether a vote has already been cast.


    A cookie for our purposes here is defined as information stored on your computer through your web browser, if allowed, that may also allow the tracking and identification of users. WJXR has no plans to store any personal information such as names, addresses, passwords, etc. within cookies due to security concerns.
    WJXR currently uses cookies to keep track of shopping cart contents and when adding posts to our Online Swap ShopSM, although no personal information is saved in the cookie itself. If you do not want to make use of our online shopping experience or fully participate in our Online Swap ShopSM, you may then disable cookies. If you would like to disable cookies, most browsers allow you to easily do this. See your browser's help documentation for instructions on disabling cookies.


    All e-mail (electronic mail) or other correspondence, such as forms, received or sent is logged and may be archived at the discretion of WJXR. WJXR will not release such correspondence to anyone unless it is deemed necessary by WJXR or required by some legal means. Additionally, no e-mail will be sent to you from a mailing list unless you have opted to receive such.


    Links to clients or other third party web sites are not covered by this privacy policy, and may substantially differ from ours. Please view the privacy policy statement for any such site.

Information Sharing

    WJXR may share information to client and other third party entities about the user activity as a whole at this site, such as how many visits this page receives daily. Your personal activity will not be disclosed unless you allow such disclosure, it is deemed necessary by WJXR, or required by some legal means.


    The act of visiting this site signifies that you agree to the terms of this privacy policy as stated here. Any updates or revisions to this policy will be issued here with the changes becoming effective immediately, unless otherwise stated.


    All data and facts contained on and within this site are current, as per our knowledge. We claim no responsibility for errors on and within the site, nor any errors that occur because of it. The policies incorporated in the regular offices are the ones that will be followed. This site is to be meant as a reference tool and subject to change.

Events Beyond Our Control

    Try as we might, we cannot guarantee that we can protect any information in the event of a malicious user, employee, or attack. Therefore, WJXR cannot make any warranties as to the nondisclosure of private information.


    If you have any further questions or concerns about the privacy policies or practices of this site, email us.

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