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What is the Swap Shop?

The Swap Shop is a program created by WJXR as a free public service to our listeners at WJXR's expense. During this time, listeners may call up to ask about or add items or services to the Swap Shop. You may also announce garage sales and such as well. Think of the Swap Shop as classified ads on the radio - for free. WJXR is in no way responsible for items advertised on the Swap Shop.

How do I participate in the Swap Shop?

You do not need a buyer number to add an item to the Swap Shop, although it surely couldn't hurt!

If you want to know what is currently listed on the Swap Shop, simply tune in during the show's hours. You may also call in during that time to inquire about items on the Swap Shop.

If you would like to add some items, simply call in during the Swap Shop show times and tell the announcer what you have, and how people can reach you (if needed). Be sure to read the Swap Shop rules first!

The numbers to call are (904) 259-2292, (904) 358-2265 (toll free for Jacksonville), or *921 (free for AT&T Wireless customers only in the Jacksonville, FL area).

When does the Swap Shop start or end?


Regular Hours
Saturday 6:00 AM Until 7:00 AM
Can I browse the Swap Shop Online?

You may visit our Online Swap Shop, however, online posts will NOT be announced over the air. Likewise, if you call in to our live Swap Shop radio program, your post will not be added to the Online Swap Shop, although you are more than welcome to add it! Hopefully, this situation will be remedied in the future, and when it is, we will be sure to let you know!

The Swap Shop Rules
  • No firearms or weapons are allowed to be advertised.
  • No pets are allowed to be advertised, regardless of whether they are free or for sale.
  • No commercial ventures are allowed to be advertised on the Swap Shop. Instead, contact us for your advertising needs or to become part of the Bargain Channel®!
  • A maximum of three (3) items are allowed per call.
  • Keep descriptions of items short and to the point.
  • Only one call per person is allowed per Swap Shop show. Multiple calls per Swap Shop show are not allowed. This allows for equal time for everyone.
  • Callers must be at least 18 years of age or older.


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