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Terms & Conditions

All certificates or vouchers for goods and/or services are made available by the participating businesses ("Sponsors") who are also solely responsible for the execution and redemption of the certificates or vouchers. When placing an order for a certificate or voucher offered by a Sponsor through WJXR, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions stated on this webpage.

  • All certificates or vouchers expire within 30 days, unless otherwise stated on the certificate or voucher.
  • All certificates or vouchers are agreements between the purchaser and the participating merchant, who is responsible for execution (redemption).
  • WJXR is not responsible for lost or stolen certificates, and they will not be replaced.
Redeeming Certificates/Vouchers

Present the certificate or voucher to the redeeming merchant. In some cases, identification may be required as well. Certificates or vouchers with spaces for customer information, such as a buyer number, name, or similar information may also be required to be filled out in order to redeem.

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